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JOHN ABDO has established himself as one of the most visible motivational educators’ for legions of athletes, coaches and fitness enthusiasts worldwide. As an international authority on athletic conditioning, body sculpturing, fitness, longevity, nutrition and life motivation, John is a Strength & Conditioning Coach who has trained numerous athletes who successfully competed in World and Olympic competitions. As an inductee into the National Fitness Hall of Fame, John’s regularly invited as an expert guest on television and radio shows reaching millions of households globally.

JOHN ABDO is an Award-Winning inventor and product formulator. Some of his creations include the AB-DOer®; World’s First Midsection Aerobic Machine, WonderBack® Pro; the ultimate self-massager and spinal/back decompression device, 6-Minute Body On-line Streaming Workouts, and is the author of numerous books that include Wolves of Croton – The Untold Story of Milo,  and Ultimate Sexual Health & Performance™.

Proud to be 66 years young, John is an empowering and prolific teacher, mentor, success-coach, and inventor who promotes a myriad of healthy principles for achieving success in all areas of personal and professional life.

If only one word was needed to describe John Abdo, it would be Dynamic!


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Wolves of Croton: The Untold Story of Milo

The Greatest Olympian Wrestler of All-Time and Undisputed Strongest Man to Ever Live

In stadiums routinely packed with tens of thousands, the Crotonian wrestler would enter the arena, then walk the entire oval, amazingly carrying a full-grown bull on his back. Esteemed for his unfathomable prowess, he was called by the ancients, Milo. Born in Croton, Italy, in 559 BC, through progressive adaptations in adherence to various unorthodox conditioning methodologies, Milo of Croton is known as the strongest man who has ever lived and the most dominant Olympian Wrestler of All-Time, one who went on to crown a martial career as a revered military Commander.

Ultimate Sexual Health & Performance

The Complete Guide to Restoring Sexual Health & Vitality

 The book has a unique and personal approach utilizing experts inthe field to clarify some of the mysteries of sexual dysfunction, and how tooptimize sexual health. As a result of the honest reporting in this book,many of the myths of  sexual function will be clarified. John Abdoaccomplishes his goal of providing a useful and accurate source of informationto enhance a man’s health and in particular his sexual health. The bookprovides this information in a clear, engaging and encouraging style. He truly motivates the reader to optimize their health.

WonderBack® Pro

WonderBack® Pro is a lightweight and incredibly versatile back and body fitness tool that can bes used for a variety of applications! Self-Massage, Reduction of Muscle Tension and Stress Relief, Decompression and Traction, and Flexibility and Muscle-Toning, to name a few…

WonderBack® Pro is extremely easy to use, making targeting hard-to-reach, stiff and stubborn back and spinal muscles easier than ever.

WonderBack® Pro features a patented design that’s durable and uniquely designed to provide immediate relief to your stiff, sore, aching muscles from the comfort of your own home, office or even at the gym.

WonderBack® Pro is lightweight, transportable, and can be used anytime and anywhere.

WonderBack® Pro is a complete self-care system that’s easy to use and dynamically effective!

Give WonderBack® Pro a try!

Results are Guaranteed or your Money Back!

Fitness Products

Six-Minute Body

“Fantastic!” “Wow!” “Unbelievable!” “I can’t believe I can get a great total body workout with only 6-minute workouts!”

Featuring twenty-five (25) routines, Six-Minute Body isa dynamic, Results-Producing, full-spectrum, on-line streaming system that can be performed virtually anywhere. In addition to its OUTSTANDING BENEFITS, Six-Minute Bodyroutines are completed in hardly no time at all. Leave it to world-renown health and fitness motivator, John Abdo, to develop a system that provides a plethora of benefits in muscle-toning, body-shaping, fat-burning, and stamina-boosting, while all your efforts are completed in a fraction of the time when compared to traditional exercise training. This must-have system is easy-to-follow, fun to apply, encourages calorie-burning by way of the acceleration in fat-metabolism, and because the routines are completed in less time than it takes to cook a hard-boiled egg, gives you back the extra time you need to do perform other, important, things in your life! Plainly stated, Six-Minute Body works amazingly well!

AbDoer® 360

World’s First Midsection Aerobic Machine

Achieve six-pack abs, trim obliques, a strong shapely lower back, and MORE!

John Abdo’s worldwide sensation, AbDoer®, was released in 1997 and is still being used by millions around the world to trim off waistline fat, improve back strength and flexibility, and provide dynamic aerobic, fat-burning and muscle-toning workouts!

AbDoer® 360 is an incredibly fun, diverse and challenging fitness system. Just sit on the newly engineered Dynamic Fluidity Seat and wiggle your body into its best shape EVER!

Comes with Dual-Acting Massage Rollers, Contouring Armbars, Dynamic Grip Handles, Foldable Base and Workout Routines.

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