By John Abdo



1. the science of achieving a super-lean six-pack set of abdominals.

2. an extremely high-level of knowledge and skill that accelerates fat loss specifically to a persons’ midsection; also referred to as ‘Spot Reduction’.

3. an anatomical phenomena resulting from specialized core conditioning body shaping techniques.


1. the excess fat that surrounded my waistline prompted me to design a new system that solved this frustrating issue once and for all.

2. pursuing my education as a Master Fitness Trainer and Olympic Strength & Conditioning Coach I learned that conventional abdominal and/or midsection training was not always applicable to all.

3. statistics prove that back problems; particularly to the lumbar region, are prevalent to a high percentage of our population. One of the aggravaters of back problem is having weak and/or under trained abdominals, oblique and back muscles.

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