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This is a quick explanation of myself receiving a much-needed hip replacement. I was diagnosed with ‘severe’ osteoarthritis in both hips around September 2017. Other than off-the-shelf anti-inflammatory agents, I pushed off any invasive medical/surgical treatment.

Fast-forward (approx.) 3 years, and my aching hips drove me back to the doctors to get another set of X-rays. And needless to say, the condition on both pelvic sockets and ‘both’ femur heads had further deteriorated.

Dragging my feet (figuratively) to making a decision, when I felt the time ‘was’ ready, Covid hit, and along with myself, a large percentage of the population were delayed many forms of medical treatments from the over-surge of Covid patients.

Finally, in late March/early April of 2021, I made the commitment, and on April 22nd, I had my right hip replaced.

This video was recorded the following day. And although I stammer on pronouncing some words, like the word osteoarthritis, I was clear headed with what I wanted to disclose and motivated to explain this experience to you as it was/is a satisfying incident. Now I can move forward in my active life, instead of (literally) dragging my feet.

My intent is to share this experience with you which, by the trusted word of my great surgeon, is one the easiest joint replacement surgeries to recover from.

Thank You for Watching, John Abdo

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March 31, 2021: Both sides indicate ‘severe’ damage from Osteoarthritis. Right-side, showing total bone-on-bone deterioration, was replaced on April 22, 2021. Refer to Youtube video for more insight.

Prosthetic Femur Head and Ball-n-Socket Hip Joint. Procedure completed on April 22, 2021. I walked out of the hospital that ‘someday, and have been experiencing a rapid recovery. Refer to Youtube video for more insight.

The contents of this video presentation are NOT to be construed as medical advice. Please seek the attention of a licensed medical professional for any of your medical needs.


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