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My Hip Replacement Experience:

Refer to Youtube video for more insight: This is a quick explanation of myself receiving a much-needed hip replacement. I was diagnosed with ‘severe’ osteoarthritis

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Age Progression

John Abdo, World Renown Health & Fitness Hall of Famer, USA Today Bestselling author of ‘Wolves of Croton – The Untold Story of Milo’, former

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Milo of Croton

Wolves of Croton – The Untold Story of Milo Milo of Croton The Father of Progressive Resistance Training… Sneak preview into the contents of John

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Six-Minute Body ™

No Excuses® Workouts Six-Minute Body ™ is comprised of twenty-five (25) diverse, fun, and productive Fast Workouts for Fast Results! Success-proven system that sprinkles physical

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