My Hip Replacement Experience:

Refer to Youtube video for more insight: This is a quick explanation of myself receiving a much-needed hip replacement. I was diagnosed with ‘severe’ osteoarthritis in both hips around September 2017. Other than off-the-shelf anti-inflammatory agents, I pushed off any invasive medical/surgical treatment. Fast-forward (approx.) 3 years, and my aching hips drove me back to […]

Age Progression

John Abdo, World Renown Health & Fitness Hall of Famer, USA Today Bestselling author of ‘Wolves of Croton – The Untold Story of Milo’, former Olympiad Strength & Conditioning Coach for multiple World and Olympic World Champions and Gold Medalists. John’s techniques prove successful on both an immediate and longterm basis. Progression from early 40’s […]

Wolves of Croton – The Untold Story of Milo

“Milon, this fine statue of a fine man, he won seven times at Pisa and never dropped to his knees.” Simonides, 556 BC – 468 BCThis dual-volume, 20-book manuscript takes its readers on an epic odyssey into the life of the greatest Olympian combatant of all-time, Milo of Croton. Available in eBooks and Paperbacks […]

Wolves of Croton – The Untold Story of Milo: Now Available in eBook and Paperback

The Greatest Combatant of All-Time, and Undisputed Strongest Man Who Ever lived! Milo of Croton, better known as the man who could carry a bull, was a real human being, not a myth, while his name remains pertinent even today. Milo’s story reveals the struggles, obstacles, and challenges the Ancients endured in pursuing supremacy inside […]

Milo of Croton

Wolves of Croton – The Untold Story of Milo Milo of Croton The Father of Progressive Resistance Training… Sneak preview into the contents of John Abdo’s latest book on the greatest Olympian combatant of all-time and the undisputed strongest man to have ever lived: Milo of Croton, the man who could carry a bull! Link […]

Six-Minute Body ™

No Excuses® Workouts Six-Minute Body ™ is comprised of twenty-five (25) diverse, fun, and productive Fast Workouts for Fast Results! Success-proven system that sprinkles physical exertions throughout the course of your day, instead of cramming in long, muscle-aching sessions that leave you worn out and painfully sore, eventually leading to burnout and overtraining. Six-Minute Body […]

No Excuses® – Be A Doer Podcasts

Be A Doer features multiple Quick-Tips from master coach and TV personality John Abdo on health and fitness aimed at getting you into your best shape ever – and keep you there!

Ultimate Sexual Health & Performance – at any age!

There is a time in a man’s life when things start to change. Some call it midlife crisis, others andropause. Whatever label is given, sexual decline is humiliating, and unhealthy. Welcome to Ultimate Sexual Health & Performance. A comprehensive guide that has something for every man, and couple. Simple to invasive options, fast remedies and […]

Make Your Body a Fat-Burning Machine

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Protein Starvation – Intentional

In 1989, I had a unique opportunity to visit the (then) Soviet Union. Home of the Gold, and mysterious for other coaches and athletes elsewhere around the globe, especially here in the U.S. How could somebody get so strong? How could somebody be so young out-perform our most decorated? Many of them have poor food sources, […]