Best Times to Burn Fat + Build Muscle:

What’s the ideal time of the day to exercise to maximize either fat burning and/or muscle building benefits? Timing exercise sessions, especially around eating schedules, is imperative for maximizing results. Exercise at the right time of the day can eventually achieve the best results! Video Presentation:    

ART – Accumulative Results Training: No Excuses™

Achieving consistent, sustainable results from exercise does not always require hard work. Training less; frequency, intensity and duration, can produce results as well, especially for those living lives that require energy to be directed to other tasks! Learn how and why exercising less can produce results! Video Presentation:  

Anatomical Sequencing: No Excuses™

Training the body through proper exercise sequencing techniques will maximize energy exertion, reduce workout times, and accelerate results. Video Presentation:  

Anabolic – Catabolic: The No Pain – No Gain Metabolism

Why do we need to tear down our tissues; often referred to as the ‘Pain’, to build them back up beyond pre-trained levels, the ‘Gain’? This is sophisticated science that’s attempted to be presented in a comprehensive manner in the short video presentation. Video Presentation:

Uploading Software into our Mental Hardware?

As a former strength and conditioning coach for numerous Olympic and professional athletes and teams, I know that when an athlete pessimistically thinks about their weaknesses, failures, fears, or injuries; is intimidated by their competitors; or has the slightest doubt in their performance-abilities, chances are that athlete will validate what they’re thinking about…and fail. These […]